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Prayer is not so much about convincing God to do what we want God to do as it is about convincing ourselves to do what God wants us to do.

— Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove,
Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers

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  • http://wishawishawisha.blogspot.com Sue

    Oh yes and and yes and yes :) Not a shopping list (although that too, occasionally)

  • Gary Snead

    Our persistence with our list reminds us to reflect how in tune with God are our requests and to adjust accordingly, persist as per Jesus’ expectation per Luke 18:1-8, and persistently remind God how important to us are our requests. True, we are to then persistently adjust what we do to better coincide with what we hear in our persistent listening to God about what God wants us to persist in doing. Fortunately, I understand that contemplation and mystic prayer work is a lot about calm, listening, waiting, quiet, so the seemingly full of effort persistence is mainly minimally energy expending patience. If I learn to better chill, I am likely to better pray, live and love.

  • http://ballywilliamroe@bigpond.com Michael Kennedy

    For me prayer is a journey into myself in quiet. My mind is usually racy and more racy as i begin prayer.
    For me prayer is presence.
    Presenting myself to the present moment where the Paraclete is moving and I join the mainstream of the POaraclete as he revitalises me and the world around me

  • Gary Snead

    Well presented, Michael. Your perspective will help me persist in being present with the Holy Presence.