Separated at Birth?

People at work have been teasing me that John Michael Talbot is my long lost brother.

What do you think?

I personally don’t see much resemblance. Sure, we’re both jaw-droppingly handsome, but his beard is much more epic than mine could ever hope to be…

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  • James

    haha and you both are drawn in my monastic spirituality!

  • Shadwynn

    A number of years ago when JMT released his “Wisdom” album, people were shocked at how much both of us looked like twins. It was uncanny.

    As far as his most recent photo, it makes me wonder: is he converting to Orthodoxy? Looks like he could be a candidate for Mount Athos (although his wife just might get in the way of that realization!)

    Carl, never to worry: a few more years of growth should make the resemblance more obvious. :-)

  • Carl McColman

    Shadwynn, the only picture of you that I’ve ever seen was on the back cover of your first book, and yes, I recall thinking you looked a lot like JMT.

    From what I’ve read on his facebook page, he is somewhat inspired by our Orthodox brethren, although to the best of my knowledge he is still a Third Order Franciscan.

    And while I would love my beard to “catch up,” I don’t know… we’ll see…

  • Green Monk

    I can see it. JMT’s beard used to be much shorter…thus you two would have been twins. Do you play the guitar?

  • trev

    I definitely see it.

    I loved his “For the Bride”, but that’s the only music of his I’ve ever heard. I played the cassette tape till it wore out. heh

  • Carl McColman

    I don’t play the guitar, but I am slowly learning how to play the bass. As for JMT’s music, my favorite CDs of his are Meditations from Solitude and Meditations in the Spirit — two deeply contemplative recordings.

  • Darrell Grizzle

    I don’t think you could be twins, since you are younger-looking than JMT. But he could be your older brother.

  • TLH

    Oh jeez, it’s so clear to me! LOL

    BTW Carl, I just now found and read the essay “After the Magic” and I almost cried in ecstasy.

    You have no idea what that essay means to me. Much of it could have been written about me and my own journey.

    Do you get a lot of people saying that to you?

    Only I’m a wee bit different – I’m not a published author, for one. But I did lead a lot of Goddess spirituality circles back in the day, etc. I also am currently about to take a leap of faith and formally join The Episcopal Church (I grew up United Methodist and they recognize Methodist baptisms). Episcopalians like mystics too.

    Keep up the great work! It is making a difference.

  • Brother Don

    Was it triplets? And I wish my beard was that long!