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The great mystics are the paradigms and the amplifiers of a life of deep faith, hope, and love. They help us to hear the interior whispers and to see the faint flickers of truth and love in ourselves and others. By looking at their lives, we can frequently discover the obstacle in us to fully authentic human life. Looking into the lives of the great mystics will help to locate the compass of our hearts, to see what authentic human living is, and what our final purification, illumination, and transformation entail.

— Harvey D. Egan, SJ, What Are They Saying About Mysticism?

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  • judith quinton

    Thank you, Carl.
    I needed this “light” today.
    For several days, I have been privately railing, before God, about the many unwilling to even “sign up” for the journey.
    I needed to rail.
    Then, last night, the Lord reminded: “Feed my sheep.”
    Sheep…no need to describe further.
    As a mature and seasoned mystic, I am to be a Shepherd.
    A gentle Shepherd.
    This quote confirms: My role is to Live and Amplify the Spirit Journey before others.
    And, that must be done in Love and Patience and Forbearance and Grace.

  • judith quinton

    Whoops…forgot to click on Notify of Comments.
    Carl, is there anyway that it could be set up permanently for us to be notified of follow-up comments instead of having to go through the process each time?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

      Sorry, Judith. I don’t know if WordPress (my blogging software) has that functionality. Guess you’ll just have to keep coming back… :-)

  • http://www.healthyspirituality.org jean wise

    “Amplifiers of life….” great quote, Carl. Thanks for the insight. This is one what penetrated my heart.

  • judith quinton

    Well, aren’t you the cagey one…:)
    Guess I will…
    Later and love to all!

  • noel a light bearer

    judith quinton
    tell me about yourself
    i am a shepherd too
    not all sheep know your voice
    sheep will come as in the descript that jesus uses
    do you recognise your sheep
    are they being fed and tended to
    are thet at risk
    god bless all

  • noel a light bearer

    and carl
    i have begun the office again after many years absense
    thanks for encouragement a while back
    as regards mystics
    any lay mystics
    meister eckhart fantastic but his situation differs in modern context
    not his views by the way
    just that the way to those thoughts are different today
    god bless you

  • judith quinton

    Well, Noel…you got a year or two!
    Long journey…of five decades…arriving at role of prophetess, mystic, shepherd, and most defining: Pied Piper to the world.
    The world my sheep-fold.
    Yes, I recognize them clearly.
    Having been called to them for decades now.
    Just had to grow into the role of Shepherd.
    Which took untold suffering and pain!
    Now, healed, vibrant, purposeful, joyful…dancing.
    And calling others to the dance…amidst their pain!
    Yes, all my sheep are at risk!
    So, I call…I prod…I serenade…I intercede.
    Mostly, I intercede…on a very heavy level!
    That consumes my body and “wastes” me temporarily for the other.
    Though, of course, I am never truly wasted.
    Because the intercession merely passes through me and out into the world…to accomplish its mighty purposes.
    I, of all women, feel blessed to be in this place, this time, this purpose in my life.
    An adventure bar none!
    And one that yields miracles literally daily!
    Please now tell me something about yourself.
    Glad to meet you.

  • noel a light bearer

    hey judith
    send me your email address
    i will tell you all i know about this flesh and bones that is presently hitting keyboard keys
    in Him

  • judith quinton

    Will be happy to do so, friend.
    However, I am going to have to beg a little time from you.
    A bit of a harrowing night last night in terms of dealing with a friendship.
    And I’m re-couping this morning.
    How about I contact you after the weekend?
    Love and look forward to getting to know you…

  • http://thinkunity.com Soma

    Thank you for an insightful article. I also believe the mystics have discovered the layers of consciousness in the mind. In their minds they have seen these layers lose their individual uniqueness as they retreated deeper and deeper in the psyche. Their stories invite us to follow on a journey we will forever be thankful for.