Snow in Atlanta

Okay, I know this is a tremendously boring picture, especially for everyone who lives in the north and who is dealing with three feet rather than three inches of snow. But, snow is such a rarity in Atlanta that I’m indulging myself and posting a picture I just took a couple of minutes ago outside our front door.

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  1. welcometotheden says:

    Yes, my car looks exactly the same way. I wasn’t expecting Atlanta to ever look like the North Pole, but earlier today the Mercer campus looked just like a Christmas card!

    You might remember me – I emailed you a while ago asking about how to handle an earlier inclination toward Hermeticism. I appreciated your thoughtful and honest answer. Your blog has continued to serve as an inspiration to me. So I’d like to ask you if you’d mind if I included it in the blogroll of my personal blog, I think that the folks who enjoy my ramblings would also draw a lot of inspiration from what you have to say.

    Daniel Mitchell

  2. Ahh, ever so briefly so much of the country is the same, and I need not pine for other climes for there are none, so I’ll stay in MN, cozy and cold as it is. Warm is where the furnace is. Thanks for the photo Carl.

  3. Daniel, of course you can list my blog on your blogroll. I’d be honored.

  4. Thanks for sharing the picture. We have seen such a thing all of the time here up north and realize one of the basic transcendental truths: eventually, it melts. Enjoy it while you have it. Spring won’t be far behind for y’all

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