Snuggling with Clarissa

Clarissa, who came to live with us in 1999, is now our “senior” cat. She has always been very sweet-tempered, affectionate, and particularly kind with Rhiannon (when she was younger she used to hop onto Rhiannon’s wheelchair and ride around with her, something none of our other cats have ever done). Since we lost our eldest cat, Julian, in 2007, Clarissa has become increasingly bonded with Fran, and often crawls onto Fran as she rests in bed.

The other day Clarissa did just that, but also did something I had never seen before — she snuggled up to Fran, practically cheek to cheek. I grabbed my phone and snapped this picture.

Fran and Clarissa, 2/13/10

Cats are such wonderful creatures. We who are privileged to live with them should be humbly grateful.

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  • Shadwynn

    Indeed! These felines have graced you with their affection. You are loved. You are not alone. You are not forgotten. There is always a furry bundle of purrs to confirm that you have been accepted into *their* world. All I can say: You and Fran have something special, and they seem to like it! :-)