Contemplative Programming That Would Interest You

Please take a moment to respond to this poll. I’m looking for insight into what people would like to see in programming offered by a local center for spiritual development. In answering this poll, please only check those items that are sufficiently interesting to you that you would make a real effort to attend. Thank you for your input.

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  • Jacquelyn Judd

    I’ve never considered this before, but I’m wondering if on-line spiritual counseling and/or spiritual direction is practical and possible. Of course a counselor/spiritual guide would not get the physical feedback that is so helpful, but I, for one, communicate so much better in writing (and we all know the benefits of spiritual journaling) than I do in verbal conversation. I am 63 years old, I live in St. Louis, and I’m disabled. I would very much appreciate your attention to such a possibility!

  • Phil Soucheray

    The link went to a sign-up page for the poll service, rather than your poll. Was that supposed to happen?

  • Carl McColman

    Unfortunately, the “Possibly related post” links are generated by WordPress and I have no control over their content. The best bet is simply to respond to the poll in the box on my own blog.

  • +Sergius,

    The Holy Spirit is everywhere and immanent “whenever two or three are gathered together…” The question is not so much about the means of communication but, rather, the authentic spiritual competence of one’s chosen guide, whether physically present or not.

  • Jacquelyn Judd

    Yes, I agree, The connection between the persons involved would be the important thing.

  • Dennis Deel

    Sergius has said it very well! I am somewhat new to social networking but I find connections with people very validating. Living in a small town with certain life problems becomes isolating at times. Being able to connect with others, reaffirms that: The Holy Spirit is everywhere !

  • +Sergius,

    One major factor to take into consideration is this, however: what might one suppose are the consequences of either BUYING or SELLING guidance in sacred spirituality? Attention is invited to the definition of “simony.” Peace be with you all.

    • Carl McColman

      Okay, +Sergius, despite my suspicion that your comment is trollish in nature, I’ll take up your challenge. You seem to be implying that any spiritual-based programming where money is collected is simonist. Let’s broaden the playing field. Are you suggesting that publishers should give away Bibles for free? That seminaries should stop charging tuition? That churches should never collect money from their parishioners? After all, these are all transactions that involve the exchange of money for the provision of spiritual guidance, in one form or another.

      Incidentally, if your motivation for bringing up simony is in fact trollish in nature (and how you respond to this message will make that clear), I’ll delete your posts and ban you from this blog. I am quite busy and have no time for trolls. So what will it be, +Sergius? Thoughtful but civil conversation about the ethics of charging money for spiritual programming, or simply a childish effort to elicit anger from me and/or other readers?

      And to anyone reading this: Do forgive me if this seems a bit harsh — my patience with trolls has worn thin, and as I implied at the beginning of this comment, +Sergius’ post does indeed smell trollish to me.

  • +Sergius,

    I answer positively to all your questions. And I accept banishment from the likes of you as have many before me. Some of whom were canonised saints…whilst I am only a poor sinner. Still, humility is the foundation of all genuine spirituality. And your deficiencies in same are blatant! Just as your accusations are false.

  • Carl McColman

    I think the grace in all this is that I’m learning to identify trollish behavior more quickly.

  • Jacquelyn Judd

    Well anyway . . . (LOL) I have found social networking online validating too, Dennis. I would like to establish a connection with an online spiritual guide/director with whom I could work one-on-one. I’m certainly not opposed to being part of a spiritual group as well!