Signing off (briefly)…

Dear friends,

I have received the PDFs of the layout of my forthcoming Big Book of Christian Mysticism. The publisher needs my corrections and comments by April 23. That may sound like plenty of time, but do remember that I work full time, plus I’m teaching two classes this month! So my time is actually at a premium, and I need to be establishing boundaries to make sure that I can honor the commitments I have.

For this reason, I will be taking a break from this blog until the last week of the month.

Of course, if I have a gotta-write-it idea for the blog, I’ll try to squeeze it in, and if I come up with a clever quote or two to post, I will. So the blog will probably not be entirely dormant for the next three weeks. But it might be. And in any event, I don’t plan on posting every day, no matter what inspiration rolls my way. Not until the proofreading is done.

So please keep me and my book in your prayers… and I’ll be back to blogging as soon as that project is completed.

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  • Nancee McPherson

    Setting boundaries is the healthy thing to do. And two weeks doesn’t sound like much time, even without the FT job + teaching. You’ll be in my prayers. Take good care of you. :-)

  • Tess

    We’ll miss you, but it’s in a great cause! Enjoy working through the proofs.

  • Cindy

    Enjoy this phase of the process! I look forward to the book!

  • Kim Mason

    I’m so looking forward to the owning this book that I’ll gladly give up the daily posts in order to hurry it along. :-) You are being held up in prayer by so many.

  • brazenbird

    I will most certainly miss your daily posts but I also look forward to your book. Praying for you during this exciting time.

  • celtgrrl

    I love all your books and I cannot wait for this one too!

  • Joanna

    Carl, we’ll be waiting right here until you get back.

  • Darrell Grizzle

    Going through…

  • Dennis Barr

    Count me as another of your readers who fully supports a brief hiatus for the purpose of doing final edits and proofs. My wife just sold a book, and she is in the final stages of doing revisions and edits. I have to mind myself during the day so that I don’t interrupt her work.

    I’m looking forward to the final product. Godspeed in your work.

  • Christine Anderson

    Am missing your posts . . . eager for you to return to cyberspace. :)