A Recap of my Upcoming Events

One of the fun things about having a book come out is that there will be a number of events coming up related to the book (i.e., concerning Christian mysticism). So, here’s a quick preview of events that are on the calendar, as well as a few that don’t have dates pinned down yet, but will probably be firmed up in the near future. Some of these events (like the Portland weekend) have already been announced, but I’m putting them all here for the sake of being comprehensive.

  • June 3-5: Writing Retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. With Fr. James Behrens, OCSO. At this point there’s a waiting list for women retreatants but there might still be a room or two for men.
  • July 23-25: Christian Mysticism Retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. With Fr. Tom Francis, OCSO. I think there’s still room for this one, but it will likely fill up fast.
  • August 22: Speaking on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory at the Vedanta Center of Atlanta. Program begins at 10:30 with meditation; I speak during the 11 o’clock hour, with time for socializing afterward.
  • September 13-15: Live, Laugh, Love Retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. With Fr. Tom Francis. This retreat was originally scheduled to be conducted by someone else, but she had to cancel. I have no idea what I’ll be doing for this retreat, but it’s a fun topic and I suspect we’ll have a grand time.
  • September 23-October 21 (Five Thursday Evenings): Introduction to Christian Mysticism through Evening at Emory. Continuing education class on my favorite subject. Details and registration information to be announced.
  • October or November (exact dates and location TBD): Christian Mysticism program at a Church in Atlanta. Friday evening talk followed by a day-long event on Saturday combining teaching with contemplative practice.
  • October 28-31: Weekend in Portland, Oregon. Several events, including a Thursday evening booksigning or pub theology talk; Friday evening presentation; Saturday talk and contemplative practice event; and preaching at two different churches on Sunday.
  • Spring 2010: Several Events in the Planning Stages. These events may include speaking at several churches in the Atlanta area; a weekend in other cities such as San Francisco; St. Cloud, MN; and/or Orlando, FL; weekend events not only at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit but at other retreat centers in the Atlanta area and beyond. So many events are in the formative stages, I can’t say too much about them now, except for: stay tuned!

Would you like to see me come to your city? I would too! I’m looking for churches, colleges/universities, monasteries, and/or conference and retreat centers that could sponsor me for a weekend (or longer) in different regions around the country. I love to speak on a variety of subjects including Christian mysticism, Celtic spirituality, interfaith issues (particularly between Christians and Neopagans), Integral Theory, and establishing or deepening a contemplative practice. Please connect with me (go to my Contact page to send me a direct message) if you’re interested in helping to coordinate an event in your region.

Bruno Barnhart (1931-2015)
Two Saturday events: in Atlanta and Richmond
After the Book Festival (and Looking Forward to a New Contemplative Prayer Gathering)
"Life is Change... How it Differs From the Rocks"
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  • http://celticscribblings.wordpress.com trev

    Regarding the Portland trip, if you choose a pub theology night, I might recommend The Rock Bottom Brewery at Morrison and 2nd. Most of the places I know in the area are rather boisterous, but it is possible to rent out a hall at this one. And it has the added advantage of being across the street from my office. :)

    However, if you’re going to do a book signing, IMHO you must do it at Powell’s (the main one on Burnside, not the adjunct on Hawthorne). It’s a local landmark, known by everyone, labrynthine in size and packs people in for readings and signings. Alternatively, you might choose New Renaissance on 23rd. New Agey/East and West spiritual shop, equally well known, but far smaller (you might fit 30 or 40 if not everyone sits).

    Regardless, I think you’ll have a good time in Portland. :)

  • http://celticscribblings.wordpress.com trev

    oops, sorry. Forgot to shut of the html.

  • http://celticscribblings.wordpress.com trev

    When I registered at IPS, I noticed they had you listed for New Ren. An author friend of mine says it’s a better choice than Powell’s, and I think I agree. It would probably draw more people who have an active interest in spiritual subjects, and they’re very well set up for readings/signings.


  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    Yes, I just found out this weekend that New Renaissance has booked me. Apparently it’s not that easy to get on to their calendar, so my contact at IPS was very pleased. Which means I’m pleased too. :-)

  • http://celticscribblings.wordpress.com trev

    Awesome. I look forward to seeing you there.