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Those who are perfectly humble lack nothing, physically or spiritually, because God is all abundance.

The Cloud of Unknowing, Carmen Butcher translation

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  • Shadwynn


    Sounds like a quote from Ernest Holmes in Science of Mind. Aha! The hidden origins of metaphysics in the Cloud of Unknowing! :-)

  • http://soooooo.wordpress.com soooooo

    Dear Carl,
    For me, this quote ooozes an extraordinarily ordinary invitation….a nectar infused wift of what life after the spiritual ego holds for us!
    ….and to think that our spiritual ego won’t be engaged to lap it up!!!!!
    O the mysteries of the utterly ordinary!!!!!
    A companion on the journey,

  • http://soooooo.wordpress.com soooooo

    ps….this book came to mind:….Humility Matters by Meg Funk…a intensely detailed ‘compass of the heart’ book for us mere ‘tongue lappers’ hovering around the bowl of spiritual unknowingness,

  • lightbearer

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  • http://www.thedissidentdaughter.net Kristi

    I love this quote. Also, adore the new layout, particularly the Julian of Norwich quote at the top of the page. Lovely.