Quote for the Day

Let all my world be silent in your presence, Lord, so that I may hear what the Lord God may say in my heart. Your words are so softly spoken that no one can hear them except in a deep silence. But to hear them lifts him who sits alone and in silence completely above his natural powers, because he who humbles himself will be lifted up. He who sits alone and listens will be raised above himself.

— Guigo II, The Ladder Monks

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  • http://nitecaravan.blogspot.com/ Wisdom’s Son

    This quote is fantastic! I have been contemplating how powerful silence really is. Thanks again for the quote!

  • al jordan

    And the world conspires to convince us that this is wasted time! Oh blessed waste. It is so much easier to close the mouth than to quiet the mind. A wonderful quote.

  • lightbearer

    god is love