The Beard is Dead, Long Live the Beard

Last night I shaved.

Here I am in my full bearded glory...

... and after the deed was done.

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  1. Its a good thing you put a new picture up, I am not entirely sure that I would have recognized you without it! I always love the transition days when I change from goatee to clean shaved, and a few years younger with just the application of a razor

  2. Who is that guy??? What’s the motivation??? Have we started a movement???

  3. BrotherDon says:

    I am not sure that Dad will recognize you. But then, I am not sure that he recognizes us until we open our mouths LOL.

  4. I have no idea who that guy is; it’s a mystery. The motivation was largely curiousity, it’s been over ten years since I’ve had a naked chin. I hope we’ve started a movement, but with nothing to do with shaving…

  5. Phil Soucheray says:

    And no sign of a single nick or cut. Amazing.

  6. Look closely between my nose and my lips, there are a couple of tell-tale red spots. I was bleeding like a fountain before we took the picture! :-)

  7. Nina L. Diamond says:

    I wholeheartedly vote for the less beardedly Carl!

  8. Shadwynn says:


    I’m sure you had fun with the “transition.” I used to love such extreme changes when I was young. Once after shaving and having my long hair cut short, I went to work and people didn’t even know who I was! That was fun. But it no longer holds such a temptation for me. I’ve had my beard since 1975. Long, medium, and closely trimmed, from brown to white, but still there. A naked face for me? Unthinkable! After all, somebody has to give those Orthodox fellas a little competition! (Just call me Gandalf…) :-)

  9. I didn’t know the whole Paulist set was available in hardcover!

  10. Al Jordan says:

    I don’t know this man. He looks much younger than Carl.

  11. Whoa. In a good way. Whoa.

  12. Nina L. Diamond says:

    I remember the long ponytail from years gone by. As long as you’re experimenting with hair, why not bring it back?

  13. It somehow makes you look more … official.

  14. Maggie Daly says:

    The beard was great but the beardless Carl is much better looking. I reaaly like the new look. Congratulations on taking the plunge (or the razor).

  15. lightbearer says:

    are they your real teeth
    and you have lost weight
    but what about the teeth
    they look great
    serious topic…………some sins can only be addressed by fasting and prayer
    please comment

  16. “If you have no beard you can’t be very wise,” said some Orthodox monks. Since when does facial hair make a person wise? You now look 10 years younger. The fountain of youth is in a razor…who knew? Now dye your hair (as my lovely wife does) and you’ll loose another 10 years.

  17. Nancy O'Neill says:

    Carl, you are a handsome man and to think you were hiding it all these years. Now, you look young. Thanks for “coming out.” Hope I see you before too long but I still haven’t read all the books I bought last fall when I last saw you. Take care. Nancy

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