Book suggestions from Lindisfarne

A fellow named David from the Community of Aidan and Hilda has gotten in touch with me. He shares my conviction that Christian mysticism and Celtic spirituality naturally coinhere. Visiting his community’s website stirs in me a longing to visit both Lindisfarne and Iona, neither of which I have yet to see (I always seem to end up in Ireland whenever I go to the British Isles).

David recommended three books to me:

Exploring Celtic Spirituality by Ray Simpson
Restoring the Woven Cord by Michael Mitton
Colonies of Heaven by Ian Bradley

I haven’t read any of these, and it looks like they’re not readily available in the USA. But if you live in the UK (or are willing to pay a premium price for a secondhand copy), they sure look interesting.

Following the Ancient Path Today
Seven Essential Thomas Merton Books
Mainline Neo-Monasticism?
Why Trappists Make Great Spiritual Guides
  • Eric Funston

    I’m guessing that would have been David Adam? His three collections of litanies for the Revised Common Lectionary (the current year is entitled “Glimpses of Glory”) are superb. With regard to these texts, I’ve read all three of these books and can recommend them as well. Ian Bradley’s is particularly good, as are some of his later books which have a cogent critique of the “Celtic spirituality craze” (including his own earlier participation). His work is a good corrective for some of the writers in this area who, I think we have to admit, go just a little overboard and get just a little to romantic (and non-historical) about “the Celtic church.”

  • Dwight

    Two Amazon sellers have used, paperback “Exploring Celtic Spirituality” for $4.48. That’s doable for anyone who wants it.

    I didn’t buy because I have “so many books, so little time” syndrome…

  • Mary Contrary

    All three are in stock on, for £14.99, £8.48, and £9.36, respectively.