My dear friend Darrell Grizzle has created a Facebook page devoted to The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. I am flattered. Darrell was one of the book's advance readers, and offered some insightful criticism that I took to heart (and that has hopefully made it a better book). So, if anyone would like to go on the record as "liking" the book, just click here: The Big Book of Christian Mysticism on Facebook.Of course, you may wish to wait until you've actually read it before deciding you "like" … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

If your main object is the will of God and the good of your neighbor, you will have great interior freedom. If your heart is straight with God, then every creature will be a mirror of life and a book of heavenly teaching. There is no creature so insignificant and small which does not reflect the goodness of God. — Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ … [Read more...]

Northern Ireland and you

Just a reminder, my friends: if you are interested in participating in the Celtic Spirituality and Radical Activism Retreat in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, we need to know today. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest, and we'll be in touch.The tentative itinerary for the trip can be found here. This will not be a "tourism" experience, but rather a true retreat: we'll be preparing meals together, spending our mornings engaged in spiritual exercises such as lectio divina, centering … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Those who are indifferent to praise or blame have great tranquillity of heart. — Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ … [Read more...]

Someone who WON’T be going to Northern Ireland in August…

Here is a little "friend" we discovered in the woods behind the Abbey Store at the monastery where I work.Needless to say, Saint Patrick is not in Georgia. This, of course, is a black snake, who helps to control the population of field mice throughout the largely wooded grounds of the monastery — so this slithery fellow is one of the good guys. But if snakes are not your thing, you can rest assured that this creature will not be joining us in Northern Ireland this summer!He (or she) will s … [Read more...]

Itinerary for Northern Ireland Retreat

Here is a tentative outline for the Contemplative Spirituality and Social Activism Retreat to take place in Northern Ireland this August. While some of the details are still subject to change, this will give you an idea of just how special this week is going to be. Remember, there are just a few openings left for this week — please let me or my colleague Gareth Higgins know if you're interested in attending.Tuesday, August 17th: Arrivals in the morning and afternoon Programme begins with d … [Read more...]

Celtic Spirituality and Radical Activism: August 17-24, 2010

I’m excited to announce that Gareth Higgins and I plan to co-facilitate a Contemplative Spirituality and Social Action Immersion Week in Gareth’s home of northern Ireland this August — yes, you read that right: this August. I've just signed on, to replace another presenter who due to unforeseen circumstances has had to bow out. There are only a few places left in this program, which is intentionally being limited to less than 30 participants.So maybe this is an invitation for you.Here's wha … [Read more...]