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If my eye is to receive an image, it must be free from all other images; for if it already has so much as one, it cannot see another, nor can the ear hear a sound if it be occupied with one already. Any power of receiving must first be empty before it can receive anything.

—John Tauler, as quoted in The Soul Afire:
Revelations of the Mystics

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  • http://slowadvaita.blogspot.com/ Nathan Spoon

    This is a marvelous quote from Tauler. Reading it brought to my mind chapter 7 of “The Theologia Germanica”.


  • InfiniteWarrior

    Whoa…. Synchronicity. I’ve not seen the blank slate, empty mirror concept expressed so clearly and succinctly in a while. Thank you.

  • brazenbird

    Synchronicity – yep, I must second that! :) Yes, yes…..that’s all I can say right now.

  • Mark

    Reminds me of the Zen tea story: http://www.101zenstories.com/index.php?story=1

  • Ken

    Great quote, strongly reminiscent of Meister Eckhart…