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Contemplation, as it has come to be understood in the Christian tradition, is a return to the paradisiacal state of union with God, which brings to fulfillment the redemptive act of Christ. It is the beginning of a level of consciousness, beyond ordinary consciousness, in which one begins to experience the reality of new life, of risen life. It is an experience of union with God and a realization of our oneness with our brothers and sisters.

— William H Shannon, Seeds of Peace:
Contemplation and Non-Violence

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  1. It is the beginning of a level of consciousness

    I like this.

    I tend to view every step on my spiritual journey as a new beginning. It doesn’t matter what I’ve experienced, or what I think I’ve experienced, or what I think I’ve learned or failed at, or where I think I might be on the path. That one step, the next step, is the only experience. It is the beginning. It is where I am.

  2. Beautiful. Apt. Thank you for sharing this..

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