Someone who WON’T be going to Northern Ireland in August…

Here is a little “friend” we discovered in the woods behind the Abbey Store at the monastery where I work.

Needless to say, Saint Patrick is not in Georgia. This, of course, is a black snake, who helps to control the population of field mice throughout the largely wooded grounds of the monastery — so this slithery fellow is one of the good guys. But if snakes are not your thing, you can rest assured that this creature will not be joining us in Northern Ireland this summer!

He (or she) will stay in Georgia, where he belongs.

The pictures don’t really show this, but my serpentine friend was about four feet long.

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  1. Ellen N. Duell says:

    I’m happy to have seen this lovely little snake! It looked quite blue in the picture. I am fond of snakes, mostly, but spiders give me the creeps, usually–although I know they’re God’s creatures too, and that they do their share of catching flies and mosquitos. –Ellen Duell

  2. Aw, I don’t think you would really want St. Patrick to lure that beautiful little snake away from Georgia (not that St. Patrick lured snakes, anyway). I think you need it right where it is!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

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