Christian Mysticism on the Kindle

Good news for ebook readers: The Big Book of Christian Mysticism is now available for Kindle (and Kindle apps)!

This represents the most economical way yet to buy the book (assuming you have a computer or device that runs a Kindle app). You can download a free Kindle reader application for PC, Macintosh, Blackberry, iPad, or iPhone. The app itself is free, so you’ll just pay the $9.99 for the book — less than half of the book’s cover price, and nearly five dollars cheaper than Amazon’s already discounted price.

I use the Kindle for the iPad and iPhone: the iPhone version is fully searchable (and apparently the iPad version will be, too, in the near future). You can bookmark favorite passages, make notes or highlight key passages, and — if you have an actual Kindle device — utilize the text-t0-speech feature, particularly useful for those who are visually impaired.

I can hear the chorus of protest: “But I like a real book!” Yes, I do too. You don’t need electricity to use it, and it’s infinitely share-able. I don’t think ebooks will eliminate real books, just as paperbacks did not eliminate hardcovers. But there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy both. For me, just being able to carry the text around with me, integrated into my telephone, is itself just a splendid treat. Obviously, no one else is going to have quite the same level of emotional investment in the book as I do (!), but still, the convenience factor is pretty sweet.

Anyway, enough of my ebook-boosting. If you want to download your own ebook copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, just follow this link:

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  • Dwight

    I have a sell-imposed rule: I only buy books that are available for Kindle. (Unless I really, really, really want the book.)

    I bought the paper version of your book last week. :-)

    • Carl McColman

      Well, I’m flattered! Perhaps now you could pass on the hard copy to a friend or your local library, and get the Kindle version for yourself…

  • Joan

    I’ve been waiting for your book to be available; it still isn’t. I am glad it will be available in the Kindle edition; thanks for that! When???

  • Carl McColman

    Amazon says the Kindle edition will be available August 1 — in other words, in just a few days.

  • Joan

    Thanks! I am so looking forward to reading it.

  • Jack

    Hey Carl,

    Will there be a NOOK version?

  • JR

    Absolutely ridiculous that Kindle is the only e reader this book is offered on. Where is the Nook version?

    • Carl McColman

      The Nook version is in the works. I’ll post to my blog when it’s available.