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And now the teaching on yoga begins.

Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.

When the mind has settled, we are
established in our essential nature, which
is unbounded consciousness.

Our essential nature is usually overshadowed
by the activity of the mind.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
translated by Alistair Shearer

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  • http://www.philfosterlpc.com phil foster

    Haven’t read it since undergraduate days. You have aroused my interest. What is the story behind your own citation this AM? How/why is this on your radar? Peace.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    Gillian and I talked a bit about the Yoga Sutras when I visited the Vedanta center last month. Then, Father Tom started reading it (and raving about it). It’s been my experience that when something starts showing up in my life coming from multiple angles, that’s a good sign that the Spirit is trying to get my attention. So yesterday, when Father Tom read the above quote to me (he’s reading the Shearer translation) I went straight to my desk and ordered myself a copy. I think it may have considerable value for the Wednesday evening group…

  • Kyoshin

    Hi Carl, I have gathered that Christian mystics distinguish between ‘natural mysticism’ and what they see as the genuine article. However I am unclear on the difference. In addition I wonder how this critique maps onto mysticism in other traditions – does it amount to anything more than faith or belief in the necessity of orthodox Christian doctrine as the ‘skeleton’ of practice?

    Thanks, K

  • http://nitecaravan.blogspot.com/ Son of Wisdom

    I love those little synchronicities that get you to pay attention. I love this quote. I may have to pick up my copy again.