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When contemplation makes you one with God in spirit, love, and will, you’re “above” yourself because you’ve only reached that state by grace and not by your own efforts. You’re also “under” God then, even though contemplative prayer makes you one with God in spirit, no longer two. In this unity, which is the height of contemplation, you can be thought of as godlike, as Scripture says. Still, you’re below God because he’s naturally eternal and you’re not.

The Cloud of Unknowing, Carmen Butcher translation

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  1. Mairie Gelling says:

    ‘God became man so that Man could become a god’
    St. Irenaeus or St. Athanasius (depending whether you are on the Eastern or Western side of the Church)
    We are all intended for eternity…

  2. lightbearer says:

    and to follow the previous comment
    what god has started in us(through baptism?) he will bring to completion

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