The Unformed Future

National Catholic Reporter has published a wonderful article about the recent “Emerging Church” conference in Albuquerque, hosted by Richard Rohr and featuring Shane Claiborne, Cynthia Bourgeault, and others. Read about it here:

The Unformed Future

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  1. Love this article. Posted it on Facebook. I started to copy and paste quotes from it that were so great – but there were too many!

    Thanks for sharing this Carl.

  2. Yes, this is quite marvelous. But then, I’m a big fan of Emergence.

    I loved this quote: “The journey, then, is the place, and the sojourners don’t expect that all the answers will be waiting, like an award for finishing, at the end of some religious obstacle course.”

  3. I-Don't-Know What says:

    “Emerging Church?” What is that? Not the Church entrusted by Jesus to Peter. I certainly won’t be attending any retreats led by Richard Rohr, where naked men sit around a campfire, and then try and jump though it without burning anything. How is THAT supposed to pleasing to the creator of the universe? “See I’m free, God. I am naked before you!” Pulease. Too much Peyote.

    Carl, are you Catholic or not? I appreciate your background, and it is certainly a mercy of God that you are Christian…Why then do you still promote these pagan books you wrote? Are you trying to convert pagans or sell books? Forget the past! Strive forward!

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