Truth and Mercy, Justice and Peace

A person reading The Big Book of Christian Mysticism emailed me this morning to comment on my reflection on the paradox of mercy and justice in chapter seven. He sent me a link to an essay by the peacemaker John Paul Lederach, which is in essence a meditation on Psalm 85, especially verse 10:

Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet;
righteousness and peace will kiss each other.

Lederach relates this to his experience working for conflict transformation in Nicaragua. He ponders on what a meeting with Truth, Mercy, Justice, and Peace — as if they were actual persons, each with needs but also each seeking a transformative relationship with the other — might look it. It’s a fascinating thought experiment.
Read it for yourself here: John Paul Lederach, “The Meeting Place”

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  • jodiq

    You’re right–fascinating! I’m gonna post it myself, just so I don’t lose the link…I can see myself revisiting this often.

    As usual, thanks Carl…hope your book hits our public libraries soon :)

  • Wronda

    Hi Carl,
    I read your reflection and I remembered a reflection on this passage done by someone I know – Jan Richardson of The Advent Door and The Painted Prayerbook. It took me a bit to find it but I include the link here because I think you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for providing me with so many thought-provoking ideas. I look forward to reading your new book.