Off to Ireland

Well, dear friends, today I pack my bags and tie up a few loose ends around the house. I’ll go visit my dad this afternoon and go to mass tonight. Tomorrow I board a plane to Newark where I’ll catch a direct flight to Belfast. I arrive in Northern Ireland on Monday to join Gareth and Erin in our last minute preparations for the Celtic Spirituality and Radical Peacemaking retreat, which begins on Tuesday the 17th.

So, my posting here on the blog may be a bit spotty over the next few days. I have something pre-scheduled to post tomorrow, but after that I’m not sure how often I’ll get online once I’m in Ireland. I’ll have my laptop and apparently the retreat center does have wi-fi, so I might be on every day. Then again, I might not.

So keep us all in your prayers. I’ll take pictures and I’ll write, even if it’s after the fact, once I get home. So stay tuned.

This morning I posted a brief little meditation on peacemaking and the meaning of this trip to my blog at Day1. You can read it by following this link: I’m Off to Northern Ireland.

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  • Cindy

    Have a WONDERFUL trip!! Can’t wait to see you in October when I make a retreat at the Monastery.

  • brazenbird

    Carl, I hope that you and the participants have the experience of a lifetime.

  • Alex Tang

    Have a good retreat

  • phil foster

    Peace be with you. Pray you return to us renewed and inspired by the Spirit’s yearning for peace.