The Big Book in the Book Clubs

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism has been picked up by two different book clubs. This is actually a rather interesting sign of how this book can speak to different audiences.

It is my understanding that the first book club to include The Big Book of Christian Mysticism in its catalog was the One Spirit Book Club, which could be described as the “New Age” (or “Mind/Body/Spirit”) book club. This is not terribly surprising, as I have had books in their catalog before (and, indeed, the last of my Celtic books, 366 Celt, is still listed as available on their site). Visit this link to order either of my books through One Spirit:

But then there is the Crossings Book Club, which caters to Christian readers. Since most of my books published in 2005 or earlier would only have marginal interest to devout Christians, it’s not surprising that I’ve never had a book in the Crossings catalog — at least, not until now. This morning I received notification that The Big Book of Christian Mysticism is indeed listed on their website. So… if you want to order a copy through Crossings, visit this link:

I just think it is supremely cool to see this book accepted by both the Christian and the Mind/Body/Spirit communities.

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  • Ellen N. Duell

    I think of you as a dear friend.
    This is the first time I’ve actually realized that there are two communities: “Christian” and “Mind-body-spirit”. To me–truly, within me–these are united. As I read of Jesus in the gospels, he seems to epitomize the “mind-body-spirit” enlivening. I am not of the community of “Christians” who emphasize the concept that Jesus died to save us from the consequences of our sins, “taking them all on himself”. I think he was crucified because he spoke truth to the folks of his day who felt that he threatened their political and religious power over others. They thought they would get rid of him and his teachings by killing his body. The language of murder to get rid of something unwanted persists: BP is trying to “kill” the oil leak that is actually killing much of life in the water and the marshlands of Louisiana and the adjacent parts of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s STUPID.

    • Carl McColman

      I think from the perspective of the Holy Spirit, there isn’t the kind of divisions that we humans (especially those who do marketing) create. And I would hope that this book is a small baby-step in the direction of understanding and goodwill between the “Christian community” and “other” communities.