A Perspective on the Peacemaking Retreat

I know a lot of folks have asked me to post on the Celtic Spirituality, Contemplation and Peacemaking retreat that took place in Northern Ireland last month. And I’m sorry that I’ve done nothing more than upload a few photographs. To be honest, I’ve been engaged in an exciting project that I’m not quite at liberty to mention on my blog just yet. Let’s just say it involves my next book, and if all goes as hoped, it will be published in the very near future. More details to come as soon as I am able to say.

In the meantime: back to the Northern Ireland retreat. Since I haven’t had time to say much about it, I’d like to invite my readers to visit the blog of one of the retreatants, Ali. Ali blogs at Meadowsweet and Myrrh,which she describes as a blog…

… for the whispering poet and enchanted naturalist that dwells within each of us, jostling elbows with the peace-maker, the anarchist, the skeptic, the cynic, the scientist, the artist, the self-deprecating intellectual and the humble, earnest seeker. Here, I share my thoughts and experiences as a practicing Druid, writing from a place of connection, longing and curiosity about the sacredness of ordinary life, and our place in a Spirit-infused world.

As the only person identified as a Pagan on the retreat (at least, the only one to my knowledge!) Ali provides a unique perspective on the experience. She is a gifted writer and kept an extensive journal while in Northern Ireland, and is now publishing excerpts from her journal every day on her blog, two weeks to the day after the corresponding day in NI. Her insights not only into the spirituality of peacemaking, but also the question of Pagan-Christian interfaith dialogue, are quite thought-provoking. So do go check it out, it’s well worth reading. Here are links to the posts she’s made so far: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 – with more to come.

And perhaps I’ll get around to sharing a few of my thoughts about the experience soon!

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  1. Ali is such a gifted writer. I’ve enjoyed reading her journal very much.

  2. Thanks, brazenbird, for the kind words! And thank you, Carl, for mentioning Meadowsweet & Myrrh. :)

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