“If you be, you be, and that’s it!”

“The spirit without matter is nothing, matter without the spirit kills, and pure science without love is a game…”

Thanks to James Ford for posting to his Monkey Mind blog this charming interview with Raimon Panikkar filmed in Copenhagen in 1996. What a gorgeous and vibrant man. Watch this and then see if you think that Christianity has no more mystics. I especially like his bit of Auntie Mame philosophy, at about the 4:52 marker. Consider the overall dynamic: the young woman starts out trying to interview Panikkar, but very quickly adopts more of a Luke Skywalker role as the smiling sage dispenses his Yoda-like wisdom.

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  1. This was really nice.
    Another “I Am” moment.

  2. :) He makes me smile. What a great spirit he had. Thanks for sharing this Carl and for alerting me to Monkey Mind.

  3. Carl, thanks for putting me onto both Panikkar and James Ford’s blog. I think I shall enjoy learning more from both. Especially fascinated by Panikkar. He has slid under my radar for some reason.

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