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As I understand it, the soul whom the Lord has been pleased to lead into this Mansion will do best to act as I have said. Let it try, without forcing itself or causing any turmoil, to put a stop to all discursive reasoning, yet not to suspend the understanding, nor to cease from all thought, though it is well for it to remember that it is in God’s presence and Who this God is. If feeling this should lead it into a state of absorption, well and good; but it should not try to understand what this state is, because that is a gift bestowed upon the will. The will, then, should be left to enjoy it, and should not labor except for uttering a few loving words, for although in such a case one may not be striving to cease from thought, such cessation often comes, though for a very short time.

— Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle,
Fourth Mansions, Chapter 3

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  • mike

    When I went looking for affirmation, at the time the search was more concerned with whether or not I was not losing touch with “reality.” The Interior Castle was a touch stone and a very welcome one.

    The authentic voice of Teresa speaks clearly and shines with so much humility and acceptance of the sometimes very difficult truth she knows to be bedrock and utterly unbreakable.

    Really like this website. Thanks.