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Just a quick note for anyone who reads this blog and is also on Facebook. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to “like” or “join” (Facebook language is so awkward) the following pages:

The first two pages are self-explanatory enough. The third one is a page set after after the recent retreat in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. Several of the retreatants have joined that page, but it’s open to anyone — and might be especially useful for anyone who might want to make a similar retreat next summer.

Finally, if you are friends with the ever-irrepressible Michael William Morrell, visit his page and look for the post he made about my article The Hidden Tradition of Christian Mysticism — there’s a fascinating discussion on the merits of Christian mysticism (and my article) between several folks of differing theological perspectives, including one well-known emergent author!

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  1. I really, really want to read that article. Maybe he could post it elsewhere if he doesn’t friend me back? :)

  2. Thank you for these references. I continue to find your blog very informative. (I think I was born hundreds of years too late, so it is great to find others in the same boat.)

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