Fran and Rhiannon at the L’Arche Fundraiser

Here are some pictures of Fran and Rhiannon performing at the fundraiser for L’Arche Atlanta, sponsored by the Friends of L’Arche Atlanta. This lovely evening event was billed as “A Night of Nouwen,” as several speakers, including the Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta, spoke about their appreciation for the life and writings of Henri Nouwen (who was deeply involved in, and supportive of, the L’Arche movement). Fran and Rhiannon performed two songs: Sara Groves’s “He’s Always Been Faithful” and Libby Roderick’s “How Could Anyone.” Rhiannon sang one of the verses of “How Could Anyone” solo. Needless to say, I was the proudest husband/father in the world.

These pictures were taken by Charles Bonner, and I think they’re cool because you can see me reflected in the window behind Fran and Rhiannon.

Fran McColman and Rhiannon Wilburn performing at the Friends of L’Arche Atlanta Fundraiser, October 15, 2010

Rhiannon Wilburn at the L'Arche Atlanta Fundraiser, 10-15-10


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  1. maggi sale says:

    I especially like the way you are reflected in these Carl. The mutual JOY and sense of achievement is clearly palpable! Have your cheek muscles recovered!
    Peace, Love, Light and many Blessings to the three of you.
    Maggi xxx

  2. Looks like you’ve experienced a little slice of Heaven, right here on earth!

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