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Moses’ vision of God began with light (Exod. 19.18); afterwards God spoke to him in a cloud (Exod. 20.21). But when Moses rose higher and became more perfect, he saw God in the darkness (Exod. 24.15-18).

— Gregory of Nyssa,
Commentary on the Song of Songs
quoted in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism
edited by Harvey D. Egan.

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  1. Checking In
    These quotes align well with my personal practice. It is a very immature practice, but one has to start somewhere. A practice centered on looking for light in, or out of the darkness. It is my experience that there no such thing as pure, complete, total darkness. Light is always present. It is my understanding that science is unable to produce pure black. Even using nano technology there is always a surface (nano small) that is reflecting light. I don’t know all the details of the science, but I understand the concept. You can’t create darkness. It seems the only way to identify darkness within our physical world is with light, or lack there of. When I go to the darkness I still see light.

  2. Reminds me of the Buddhist notion of Sunyata, that which is ultimate reality, the emptiness which is fullness, the state in which there is no beginning and no end wherein God is all in all.

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