Autumn in Atlanta

Okay, so our trees don’t get quite as bold in their colors as you’ll find in Minnesota or Vermont… but the hardwoods in Georgia still know how to put on a show, and the last few days have been particularly lovely here in Atlanta. Yesterday morning as I was heading out to speak at a Sunday School class, I noticed that the Japanese Maple in our front yard is just about at its peak, so I took this snapshot. Enjoy.

Carl and Fran McColman's Japanese Maple, November 14, 2010.

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  • maggi sale

    This must be some age Carl. I love it!

  • Ellie Brenny

    What a Glorious Sight – thanks for sharing it, Carl !

  • kissmyknits

    Beautiful! We have quite the show here, too, in the Pacific Northwest and just yesterday I was saying to my husband, “Look at our Japanese Maple! It looks to be on fire!” This is my favorite time of year.

  • Ellen N. Duell

    Indeed, it IS beautiful! We had a small Japanese Maple planted in our cemetery plot at Woodland Cemetery and Arburetum in Dayton, Ohio, in 1988. It is not as large as yours, but is beautiful. Our son died in 1986, and since his favorite color was red, we thought the Japanese Maple would be the perfect tree. Now my husband’s remains have joined those of our son, under that beautiful tree. It comforts me to stand beside it and pray for them.

  • Jan

    Beautiful! I love Japanese maples, which are not see way down in Corpus Christi, TX where I live.