Make-a-Wish 2003

In 2003, following a year of health challenges as Rhiannon experienced bleeding in her esophagus due to her liver disease, she qualified as a Make-a-Wish recipient. Like so many of her peers, she wished for a trip to Disney World. We made our journey to Orlando in November — seven years ago this month.

I thought that our pictures from that trip had all been lost when our house was burglarized (and both our computers stolen) in 2008, but this morning I found a number of images that had been saved to a memory stick. Here are  two for you to enjoy. Needless to say, the second image is one of our all-time favorites.

Fran, Rhiannon and Carl, with Mickey "the Sorceror's Apprentice" Mouse

Rubbing noses with "Chef" Mickey Mouse

Seven Lessons I'm Learning on the Grief Journey
Completing the Hospice Journey
Rhiannon's Vigil and Funeral


  1. What a multi-faceted gift.

  2. A beautiful family and much love seen in the faces.

  3. Wonderful pictures. You all seem to have such joy of each other!

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