Make-a-Wish 2003

In 2003, following a year of health challenges as Rhiannon experienced bleeding in her esophagus due to her liver disease, she qualified as a Make-a-Wish recipient. Like so many of her peers, she wished for a trip to Disney World. We made our journey to Orlando in November — seven years ago this month.

I thought that our pictures from that trip had all been lost when our house was burglarized (and both our computers stolen) in 2008, but this morning I found a number of images that had been saved to a memory stick. Here are  two for you to enjoy. Needless to say, the second image is one of our all-time favorites.

Fran, Rhiannon and Carl, with Mickey "the Sorceror's Apprentice" Mouse

Rubbing noses with "Chef" Mickey Mouse

Seven Lessons I'm Learning on the Grief Journey
A Gift for Lorraine
Rhiannon's Vigil and Funeral


  1. What a multi-faceted gift.

  2. A beautiful family and much love seen in the faces.

  3. Wonderful pictures. You all seem to have such joy of each other!

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