Make-a-Wish 2003

In 2003, following a year of health challenges as Rhiannon experienced bleeding in her esophagus due to her liver disease, she qualified as a Make-a-Wish recipient. Like so many of her peers, she wished for a trip to Disney World. We made our journey to Orlando in November — seven years ago this month.I thought that our pictures from that trip had all been lost when our house was burglarized (and both our computers stolen) in 2008, but this morning I found a number of images that had been s … [Read more...]

Thank you for donating thirty books! More to come?

Thirty monasteries and convents have now received, or will soon receive, a free copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, thanks to the generous support of the readers of this blog! I truly appreciate everyone who has sent in a gift to assist in purchasing copies of the book (at cost), and mailing them to religious communities throughout the United States (and even as far away as the Czech Republic).Would you please consider giving a gift of $16 to pay for a book, at wholesale cost, and the … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

God does not dwell in a heart that’s confined, and a heart is only as big as the love it holds: in the great heart of Poverty God has room to dwell. — Jacopone da Todi, quoted in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism edited by Harvey D. Egan. … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Moses’ vision of God began with light (Exod. 19.18); afterwards God spoke to him in a cloud (Exod. 20.21). But when Moses rose higher and became more perfect, he saw God in the darkness (Exod. 24.15-18). — Gregory of Nyssa, Commentary on the Song of Songs, quoted in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism edited by Harvey D. Egan. … [Read more...]

A weekend off…

Today I go to the dentist, have a morning meeting with my buddy Phil to talk about ministry at his church, and then will be interviewed by Bob Gregoire at 1:30 PM Eastern time/10:30 AM Pacific time (hope you can tune in!). In the afternoon I hope to work on either the revision for The Aspiring Mystic (which we hope to have published sometime in 2011) or else a proposal for a new book (which, God willing, will be published in 2012 or 2013).And then after that... nothing.For the first time in … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

A mystic is simply a man or woman in love with God, and the Church is hungry for such people. — Catherine De Hueck Doherty, from the preface to Catherine of Genoa's Purgation and Purgatory; The Spiritual Dialogue … [Read more...]

Is Christian Mysticism “Special”?

Yesterday morning I received quite an interesting comment, posted on my webpage about Walter Hilton, from a man who I believe has never commented on this blog or website before. It's the kind of comment that reveals just how much diversity there can be among people who share a common interest in mysticism — for this person's idea of what constitutes "real" mysticism differs significantly from my own views. His comments are rather provocative, and hopefully I'm not being too snarky in my r … [Read more...]