Quote for the Day

A mystic is simply a man or woman in love with God, and the Church is hungry for such people.

— Catherine De Hueck Doherty,
from the preface to Catherine of Genoa’s
Purgation and Purgatory; The Spiritual Dialogue

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  • http://99shadesofgrey.wordpress.com 99shadesofgrey

    Sadly, there are so few left that would seek the highest human potential found only in God’s grace.

  • http://www.yearningforgod.blogspot.com Jan

    Oh, yes!

  • tana

    ‘Bout sums it up! :)

  • http://lisieuxstories.blogspot.com/ Miss Robyn

    just this morning, I was asking God if I were a mystic.. having a little conversation in my head.. and I open my email and here is this quote! thankyou :)

  • http://lisieuxstories.blogspot.com/ Miss Robyn

    ps – cause you see, I love God with all my heart & soul – I hunger for God constantly :)

  • lightbearer

    and jesus said he reveals himself to the simple and unlearned and the child in us
    oh yeah you have to allow the mystic
    in all of us……………meister eckhart s prayer
    “that we may grasp this and possess it willingly
    that we may at all times abide in god
    may god help us