Thank you Portland!

Portland Oregon from the east. By User:Fcb981

Beautiful Portland. Image via Wikipedia

I’m back in Atlanta after a dizzying five-day trip to the great Pacific Northwest. While in Portland, OR, I spoke and signed books at the New Renaissance Bookshop, Waverly Heights United Church of Christ, and Sts. Peter & Paul Episcopal Church. I also enjoyed lunch and conversation with members of the Muslim community at a mid-day event sponsored by the Muslim Educational Trust. The entire weekend was put together by Chuck Cooper of Spiritus Abbey and the Institute for Progressive Spirituality.

The theme of the weekend was “Contemplative Spirituality and the Interfaith Dialogue;” which explains why I was invited (given my history of advocating for understanding between Christians and Neopagans) and also why the Muslim community was invited to participate. I must especially note how gracious and kind were all the Muslims who participated in the weekend’s events. I learned a lot from them over the few days I was in Portland.

So… thanks to Chuck Cooper and to all the other folks who contributed to making this a wonderful weekend of prayer and reflection, exploration and community-building. Thanks to Kevin Murphy (who I met in Northern Ireland) who offered me hospitality. If you weren’t there, you missed a wonderful weekend. But hopefully I’ll get back to the northwest before too many months will pass.

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