Thank you for donating thirty books! More to come?

Thirty monasteries and convents have now received, or will soon receive, a free copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, thanks to the generous support of the readers of this blog! I truly appreciate everyone who has sent in a gift to assist in purchasing copies of the book (at cost), and mailing them to religious communities throughout the United States (and even as far away as the Czech Republic).

Would you please consider giving a gift of $16 to pay for a book, at wholesale cost, and the packing and shipping costs to have it mailed to an Abbey, Convent, or other religious community here in the United States? (if you’d like to donate to a community outside the US, that’s great, but postage costs would be higher — contact me and we’ll figure it out).

For more details, please visit the Donate a Book to a Monastery page. And thank you!

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