Unknowing in 2011

There are changes afoot here at the Website of Unknowing, and I thought my dear readers would like to know a bit about what I have planned.First of all, I'm working toward giving the site a new look. Not much to say on this front, except that I'll be working with one of the leading designers of websites for authors, and am very excited at the prospect of giving the site a facelift — which, hopefully, will make it more consistent with the overall message I  hope to convey.Secondly, I'm lo … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, from our house to yours.Here's a picture of our tree. But even more important, here's a Christmas story to read — and pass on.  … [Read more...]

If Jesus were born today…

What would the nativity look like if it happened now — in today's socially networked world? … [Read more...]

Consume Less, Enjoy More

For as long as I can remember, I've had issues with digestion. It's a family thing: my dad complained about indigestion, and apparently had an ulcer (no one talks about ulcers any more. Did they go out of fashion when acid reflux kicked in?). Speaking of acid reflux, I finally took my indigestion to the doctor, started taking a proton-pump inhibitor, and had an endoscopy when I discovered that I had a condition called Short Barrett's Esophagus. The "short" means it only was at the bottom of my … [Read more...]

Watching this makes me think I’m under-utilizing my iPad

Here's an interesting little bit of hi-tech Christmas cheer from North Point Community Church, a megachurch located here in the Atlanta area. … [Read more...]

Giving away the Word

I just received this in my in-box, and  thought it was worth passing on. The folks behind the New Living Translation of the Bible are currently running a contest on their Facebook page. You can enter to win a trip for four to a center in Florida where efforts are being made to translate the Bible into, well, pretty much every language there is (yes, I know this is a hot issue — but if people are going to embrace the Christian faith, it makes sense for them to have the Bible in their own la … [Read more...]

Why Narnia fans should give the Dawn Treader movie a second chance

Okay — my "revised" review of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie has been published at the Huffington Post. Hint: I compare the book and movie versions to two of the gospels.Check it out:Spiritual Lessons from the 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' Movie … [Read more...]