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Vocal prayers, as we know, give no information to God: but they do give us that temper of mind in which we can approach Him… If anyone objects that this is tantamount to saying that vocal prayer is a self-suggestion, I reply that a very great deal of it is self-suggestion; and, moreover, that we ought thus to suggest to our reluctant and wandering minds such devotional ideas… It has always been used by religious persons; and we ought not to be afraid of doing that which has always been done with profit, merely because psychology has given it a new and ugly name.

— Evelyn Underhill, Concerning the Inner Life

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  • http://www.songsofpeace.net Stefan Andre Waligur

    Part of the beauty and power of chanting is also a kind of self-suggestion. Some would even say self-penetration…a deepening and opening of the heart to God, to self and to others. And this is a very good thing indeed.

  • Ann

    The purpose of prayer -vocal or otherwise – is not to make God aware of us, but to help us to become aware of God.