WSCA Interview Tonight

Tonight I’ll be interviewed by Deidre Hebert on WSCA 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for her “Pagan FM” program. Dee is doing a series on Paganism in conversation with other faiths, and I suspected I was selected to be the Catholic on the show because of my former sojourn in the Pagan community. So the conversation should be interesting: not only about why I am a Catholic, and how I see Catholicism in conversation/dialog with Neopaganism, but also perhaps looking at the dynamics of my own journey, from Episcopalian to Pagan to Catholic.

Anyway, if you’re interested in listening in, the interview will be live, airing from 10:15 to about 11:00 PM tonight, Eastern time. If you’re not in New Hampshire, you can listen online by clicking here.

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  • Al Jordan

    I would genuinely like to hear more about why you became a Catholic. I also became Roman Catholic primarily for its incorporation of mystery and doctrinal stance on “real presence.” Also for the devotional aspects, social justice stance and strong intellectual tradition. However, I am not a very good Catholic and draw freely from other traditions. There may be others among your readers who would like to hear more about your journey to Catholicism and what this means in a very practical spiritual way to your mystic’s journey.