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Way back in 2005, I started a Meetup on the topic of Christian Mysticism. I was the organizer of the Atlanta Christian Mysticism Meetup for almost two years, and during that time made a number of new friends, most notably Mike Morrell, who has practically introduced me to the entire Emergent Church Community. I think it’s fair to say that The Big Book of Christian Mysticism would never have been read (and endorsed) by people like Brian McLaren and Phyllis Tickle if I hadn’t met Mike. So, needless to say, I think starting this meetup was one of the smarter things I ever did.

In 2007 when I started writing The Big Book, I gave up the Meetup, and it was taken over by a church called the Center of Light. While I don’t see exactly eye-to-eye with the Center of Light folks on some issues, I liked the husband and wife team who were the priests of the Atlanta Center of Light, and so it seemed to be a reasonable home for the meetup. Indeed, they kept the meetup active up until the middle of last year. But recently I visited the page and noticed that they hadn’t organized a meeting since last summer. I emailed one of the priests to see what was going on, and found out that the Atlanta Center of Light was closing. They were moving to another part of the country, and leaving the meetup group effectively orphaned.

So, not wanting to see it die, I re-upped as the group organizer.

I’m not sure what this means, other than soon (perhaps as early as February) we’ll start regular meetings again. This means that, once a month, in a public setting somewhere in the Metro Atlanta area, people will be invited to gather to share a cup of coffee or tea and have conversation on Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality.

Sound like fun? Well, if you’re in the Atlanta area, I hope you’ll join us. And if you’re not nearby, perhaps there’s a Christian mysticism meetup in your city (and if not, you could always start your own).

Click here to join the Atlanta Christian Mysticism Meetup Group:

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  • Andrew Harnack

    I’d like to stay in touch with any and all doing contemplative work in Atlanta. On Tuesday, we begin a Contemplative/Centering Prayer Support Group in Griffin, GA, at St. John Lutheran Church. Keep us informed. Thanks! Pax et bono! Andy

    • Carl McColman

      Andrew, thanks for your comment. Hang around my blog, I’ll be posting more about future upcoming contemplative events. Also, please consider joining the Atlanta Christian Mysticism Meetup. If you’re ever out at the Monastery in Conyers, stop by the gift shop and say hello.

  • Andrew Harnack

    I get up to the monastery every other month or so, and am planning to drive up in a week or so. I’ll be sure to ask for you.

  • Darrell Grizzle

    Glad to see you’re resurrecting this group. Our “Group of Unknowing” is currently inactive, and I’m going to encourage folks from that group to join this Meetup.

  • Br. Jay

    Congratulations on taking the group back up! I hope the group prospers and continues to grow. I think there is a real need for things like this out there. I know where I live finding even a contemplative group is a chore.

  • phil foster

    Carl – Keep me in the loop.
    Andrew – check with my good friend, Rev. Tom Van Laningham at First Christian Church Griffin. He and others he knows might be interested in supporting and participating in your group.

  • jamele

    what happened to the group, I am really interested. I have been looking for a teacher fir this path.

    • Carl McColman

      Sorry, the Mysticism Meetup shut down last year. There are other options in Atlanta. I would recommend Contemplative Outreach as the best resource for beginners. Visit their website at