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As Einstein conceives of space curved round the sun we, borrowing his symbolism for a moment, may perhaps think of the world of Spirit as curved round the human soul; shaped to our finite understanding, and therefore presenting to us innumerable angles of approach. This means that God can and must be sought only within and through our human experience. “Where,” says Jacob Boehme, “will you seek for God? Seek Him in your soul, which has proceeded out of the Eternal Nature, the living fountain of forces wherein the Divine working stands.

— Evelyn Underhill, The Life of the Spirit
and the Life of Today

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  • Ann

    Evelyn Underhill’s image of spirit curving around the soul like space around the sun is interesting, but I prefer the image of spirit as somehow buried within the soul – the apex or depths of the soul.
    It is indeed a fact that God can only be sought by looking within for all experience – emotional, mental and spiritual – is mediated through our consciousness. There is no other way we can know God.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

      I think we need both the “God is in us” and the “God is greater than us” type of language. Neither perspective by itself fully captures the totality of the Divine Mystery.