Snow at the Monastery

Here are some pictures of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit under several inches of snow — most unusual for us southerners. These photos are by Haven Sweet.

The Abbey Church. Photo by Haven Sweet.

An early snowy morning. Photo by Haven Sweet


Inside the Cloister. Photo by Haven Sweet.

The Abbey Store (where I work). Brrrr! Photo by Haven Sweet.

You can see more of the “Snow at the Monastery” photos at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit Facebook page.


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  • Amhas Jack

    How beautiful–if unusual for the South.
    Except for a few flurries the PNW (Portland, OR area) has escaped the winter so far.
    While those of you in the South and the East have already been experiencing winter, we are expecting our first real snow/freezing rain today.
    The snowboarders and skiers I work with at the STD/HIV clinic have been complaining as it has only been raining on Mt. Hood when they arrive on the weekends. They live for the fresh powder and not just the packed snow.
    The changing seasons still indicate that God is alive and well in our world. Your post and photos indicate we can see his handy work if we only look around us.
    You can never know how much reading your posts mean to me and others. I am remiss in not letting you know this.
    Thank God for all you do for all of us. May God continue to bless you and your family in this New Year.
    Yours in Christ,
    Amhas Jack