Two Movie Trailers to Check Out…

Here are trailers for two movies concerning monasticism in our time:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The first one, Of Gods and Men is a French film that will be released in American theaters this February. The second one, Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer is available for rent or purchase from iTunes.

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  • tana schott

    Hi Carl, I just purchased Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer yesterday (it’s only $4.99!) and I’m excited to watch it today.

    • Carl McColman

      You’re right, Tana. I bought it yesterday too!

  • Br. Jay

    Wow. Both of these look fantastic! Thank you for recommending these movies.

  • nancy (aka moneycoach)

    These look amazing. The cinematography alone is breathtaking. I’d never heard of them til this post, so thanks for pointing them out. I’ll download Mysteries today, and keep an eye out for the other one.

  • jodiq

    Yay, an Eastern Orthodox video on monasticism! I’m gonna get it. Thanks Carl!

    Also, cannot wait for Of Gods and Men to hit a Minneapolis theater. I hope it gets here…