A Flock of Books (for the Wild Goose Festival)

Here's a gallery of selected books by some of the speakers, authors, conversationalists, storytellers, and agitators who will be present at the first Wild Goose Festival, to be held in North Carolina this coming June 23-26. If you're like me, you probably find this list of books in itself to be pretty exciting. Imagine the opportunity to hear — and interact with — the authors of all these books, along with a few thousand other creative, visionary, and justice-oriented people of faith. Throw in so … [Read more...]

Evelyn Underhill: from Atlanta to the Huffington Post

Yesterday was the Evelyn Underhill Celebration at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Over sixty people attended; with presentations by Dr. Dana Greene (a leading Underhill scholar) and me, breakout groups doing lectio divina exercises using excerpts from Underhill's writings, and a lovely Taizé service to close the day, it was truly a mini-retreat. I came away refreshed and with my love for Underhill renewed yet again.As part of the preparation for the weekend, a wrote a short … [Read more...]

A Story from Meister Eckhart

“There was a learned man who, eight years long, desired that God would show him a man who would teach him the truth. And once when he felt a very great longing, a voice from God came to him and said, ‘Go to the church, and there shalt thou find a man who shalt show thee the way to blessedness.’ And he went thence and found a poor man whose feet were torn and covered with dust and dirt: and all his clothes were hardly worth three farthings. And he greeted him, saying:— “‘God give you good d … [Read more...]

Celtic Wisdom… in Latvia!

Today I received a package of books from Alpha Press, who publish the "Complete Idiot's" guides. My Complete Idiot's Guide to Celtic Wisdom has been translated into Latvian!Amazon.com does not list the Latvian edition, so I can't provide a link to it on their website, but here is a link to a website in Latvia that carries the book: Ceļvedis ķeltu gudrībā.As of this writing, I have several copies that I'd be willing to sell to readers in the United States, so if you or someone you love spe … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

To many early Church Fathers, "mystical" signified the allegorical interpretation of scripture, especially the disclosing of Christ as the key to unlocking the secrets of the Old Testament. Scripture, Christologically interpreted, was the ground of all Christian thought, including mysticism, especially in the first centuries. Jesus was sometimes called the "mystical angel" whose entire life, death, resurrection, and glorification were understood as the truly mystical. Eventually, Christians used … [Read more...]

Thought for the Day

Too many ascetics fail to become great saints precisely because their rules and ascetic practices have merely deadened their humanity instead of setting it free to develop richly, in all its capacities, under the influence of grace. — Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude … [Read more...]

Do Be Do Be Do

A new friend of mine has this on her Facebook page: "We're human beings, not human doings." This reminds me of Evelyn Underhill, whose admittedly Platonic approach to mysticism seeks to find the eternal world of being over and above the ever-changing world of becoming (or "doing"). I'm also reminded of the Buddhist notion that all things are impermanent — the world of becoming is also of necessity the world of change, of decay, of death. Finally, I am reminded of the theme of the Lay Associates r … [Read more...]