Evelyn Underhill: from Atlanta to the Huffington Post

Yesterday was the Evelyn Underhill Celebration at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Over sixty people attended; with presentations by Dr. Dana Greene (a leading Underhill scholar) and me, breakout groups doing lectio divina exercises using excerpts from Underhill’s writings, and a lovely Taizé service to close the day, it was truly a mini-retreat. I came away refreshed and with my love for Underhill renewed yet again.

As part of the preparation for the weekend, a wrote a short piece on why Underhill’s classic book Mysticism: A Study in The Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness still matters. I submitted it to the Huffington Post, where it was published as After a Century, Why Mysticism Still Inspires.

So if you missed the conference, at least the HuffPost article can give you a glimpse in the wonder and importance of Evelyn Underhill and her important work advocating for Christian mysticism in the modern world — which we postmoderns can also benefit from.

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