A Sneak Peek at our New Family Photos

Last night Rhiannon, Fran and I had family photos taken, our first formal photography since 2001. My, how things have changed! Back then you still had to go back to the studio at a later date to view proofs — but this time, as soon as the shoot was done, the photographer parked us in front of a computer where we could crop, zoom, and enhance our digital images to our heart's content.The photographer, Montoya Williams, was wonderful — she was patient with not only Rhiannon, but mom and dad as we … [Read more...]

This Saturday in Gainesville, GA: Contemplative Quiet Day

This Saturday, April 2, I'll be leading a Contemplative Quiet Day at the Cedar Hill Enrichment Center in Gainesville, GA. We'll gather from 10 AM to 3 PM. As we make the transition from winter to spring, during this time of year liturgical Christians observe as Lent, this is an opportunity for you to tend to the silence within your own soul.If you live within shouting distance (or, better yet, driving distance), I hope I'll see you there.This will be a time for people to gather in the … [Read more...]

Fran and Rhiannon singing

Here's a video of Fran and Rhiannon singing at a Methodist Church earlier this month. This was filmed at St. Paul's UMC in Grant Park, Atlanta, where Fran and Rhiannon provided music as part of the church's disability awareness Sunday on March 6, 2011. Thanks to Laura and Talley Wells of Friends of L'Arche Atlanta for inviting Fran and Rhiannon to participate in this wonderful service (and for posting this video on Youtube). … [Read more...]

Looking for #33 (and beyond)…

I've recently received donations for the thirty-first and thirty-second copies of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism to be sent free of charge to monastery and convent libraries. These books went to Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita, AZ, and Assumption Abbey in Ava, MO.I've received a number of wonderful thank you notes from the monks and nuns who have received copies of the book for their libraries. Even though this book, written by a layperson, probably doesn't tell monastics anything they don't … [Read more...]

Of Gods and Men: Of Martyrs for Life

Of Gods and Men, the award-winning French film about Cistercian monks who lived at the Monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria and who were killed in 1996 during the Algerian civil war, will begin showing in Atlanta next Friday, April 1. I had the privilege to attend an advance screening sponsored by Sony Pictures today. The film has already been screening in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities, so you can fairly easily find reviews of it online. And for the most part, it's getting plenty of … [Read more...]

Wilber & World Mysticism through Evening at Emory

Happy first day of spring, happy feast day of St. Benedict, and happy birthday to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit — today is the 67th anniversary of the monastery's founding!A reminder to everyone who lives in the Atlanta area — I have two classes coming up through the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning ("Evening at Emory"), and registration is open for both of them. I hope I'll see you at one or bothIntroduction to Ken WilberEvening at Emory - Humanities and Cultural Stu … [Read more...]

Thanks for the prayers, and please keep them coming!

Hello, friends: Rhiannon is home from the hospital tonight. She's on antibiotics and of course they'll be monitoring her blood counts (both hemoglobin and neutrophils), but we can live with those conditions. She's just glad to be out of there! Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep them coming! … [Read more...]