A Few Thoughts on Psalm 46:10 (Cedar Hill Blog)

Hello friends. I’ve recently written a post for the Cedar Hill Blog. Cedar Hill is a wonderful retreat center located in Gainesville, GA; I will be leading a day of reflection and renewal centered on contemplation and interfaith spirituality on Saturday, April 2. If you live within shouting distance (or, better yet, driving distance), I hope I’ll see you there.

Here’s the link to the blog post: The Essential and Necessary Link Between Contemplation and Peacemaking.

And here’s a bit more about the upcoming event:

On April 2 I’ ll be at the Cedar Hill Enrichment Center for a day of reflection and respite.This will be a time for people to gather in the spirit of Psalm 46:10. I hope that people of any faith (or even no faith) will feel welcome to join us, for this is not about one particular faith tradition. Rather, my hope is that by sharing my own journey into the silence of Christian contemplation, I can inspire and encourage everyone who attends to cultivate a deeper spirituality according to the wisdom of your own tradition. We won’ t solve all the world’ s problems, but perhaps by attending to the silence in each of our own hearts, we can find a way to, as Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh puts it, “ be peace” in today’ s troubled world.

To Register for The Day of Reflection and Respite, call: 770-887-0051


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