A Sneak Peek at our New Family Photos

Last night Rhiannon, Fran and I had family photos taken, our first formal photography since 2001. My, how things have changed! Back then you still had to go back to the studio at a later date to view proofs — but this time, as soon as the shoot was done, the photographer parked us in front of a computer where we could crop, zoom, and enhance our digital images to our heart’s content.

The photographer, Montoya Williams, was wonderful — she was patient with not only Rhiannon, but mom and dad as well. So if you live in the Atlanta area and want to do a family portrait, go to the JC Penny’s at Northlake Mall and ask for Montoya.

In about two weeks I’ll have a CD of all the images and I’ll post the best ones on my and/or Fran’s Facebook pages. But for now, here’s a sneak peek of one of the proofs. Even though this is a posed image, it really does capture a lot of the energy (read: love) in our family.

Rhiannon, Carl and Fran. Photo by Montoya Williams.

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  • http://meadowsweet-myrrh.blogspot.com/ Ali

    Beautiful! What a lovely family. :)

  • Ann

    A beautiful image – you can almost see the love flowing between the three of you.

  • Al Jordan

    The love and devotion is palpable. Especially Rhiannon’s eyes looking into her Mother’s.