Looking for #33 (and beyond)…

I’ve recently received donations for the thirty-first and thirty-second copies of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism to be sent free of charge to monastery and convent libraries. These books went to Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita, AZ, and Assumption Abbey in Ava, MO.

I’ve received a number of wonderful thank you notes from the monks and nuns who have received copies of the book for their libraries. Even though this book, written by a layperson, probably doesn’t tell monastics anything they don’t already know, the recipients have expressed gratitude for the gift.

If there is a community of monks or nuns who are important to you, would you consider donating a copy of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism to their library? You can have me send a copy for $16 (this is a special price, only for books donated to monastery libraries, please!) This price includes shipping to any monastery or convent in the United States (if you want to donate a book to a site outside the US, contact me for the cost). I can indicate to the receiving community who donated the book, or I can send it on behalf of you anonymously, whichever you prefer.

For more information (including a list of the monasteries and convents that have already received donated books), please visit this page: Would You Please Donate a Book to a Monastery Library?

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  • Phil Soucheray

    Blessing Carl.

    I continue to enjoy reading your sends and your blog. I have to admit though that I haven’t been to your actual blog site for some time. Today is the first time I’m seeing the apparently blond-wigged mosaic image at the header. Is that supposed to be an image of Christ? I’d love more detail about the piece.



    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

      Phil, you gave me a chuckle! That image is of Christ as depicted in the Book of Kells, from Iona, Scotland, ca. AD 800.