Mass for 40 Parts

If you love early music, or sacred music, check out this video. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of this CD — a recording of a sixteenth century “Mass for 40 Parts” that, quite possibly, was the inspiration for Thomas Tallis’s transcendent 40-part motet, “Spem in Alium.”

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  • Richard Zelley

    We are Thomas Tallis lovers and the recording of the Striggio Mass in 40 parts is wonderful.
    We listen almost exclusively to early music, both sacred and secular, but as we have entered retirement age, our tastes are almost exclusively focused on late medieval and early renaissance sacred choral music. For those who also love music of this era, we heartily recommend the 10 disc set of “Thomas Tallis – The Complete Works” (Brilliant Classics 93612)which is on sale through Amazon. The recordings are scholarly and beautifully recorded. Even better, the set includes a cd-rom with all of the original liner notes and the complete texts (in Latin with English translations). There is nearly 11 hours of truly transcendent music.

    • Carl McColman

      Oh, yes, the Thomas Tallis complete works is a wonderful set.