Update on Rhiannon

Here are excerpts from an email my wife sent out to family and friends this morning. I know a number of folks who read this blog have been praying for my stepdaughter, Rhiannon; so this will bring you up to date on what’s happening in her life.

I am sending out this email to many of our loved ones to ask for your prayers for Rhiannon. She came down with a fever (+102) and chills on Tuesday evening. We saw the doctor on Wednesday morning. After doing lab work we discovered that her blood counts had dropped and we were sent to The hospital at Emory. After spending several hours waiting in ER we were finally moved into a room by midnight.

The tests confirm that Rhiannon has a urinary tract infection and that the infection has spread into her bloodstream. She is receiving the strongest antibiotics available and her fever is finally dropping down closer to normal. Due to the fever she also became partially dehydrated and this caused her blood counts to appear to be higher than they actually were. However due to her chronic kidney and liver disease her blood counts stay lower all the time. As she has received IV fluids over night a truer picture of her blood counts has emerged and her counts are lower than I ever remember them being. Her hemoglobin fell to 4.8 (normal is 12, her normal best score is usually around 8-9) and her hematocrit dropped to around 12-13. Her white blood count fell so low that she is currently on a neutropenia warning which means hand washing and masks are important for people around her and she is not allowed to have fresh fruit or flowers in her room until her blood counts are a bit higher.

The doctors are saying that she will be here in the hospital for a couple of days at least. She is receiving a blood transfusion now so her counts should begin to rise soon.

We appreciate your love and prayers.

I just am now home from spending most of the day at the hospital. Rhiannon is resting, calm and bored (which is probably a good thing). She is totally over the incessant number of needles she has had to endure over the last 30 hours. Basically, the docs want to keep an eye on her to make sure the fever is knocked out and her blood counts get back to more acceptable levels before they’ll let her go home.

So, to echo Fran — thank you so much for your love and prayers.

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  • Mike MacDonald

    Carl, I am one of your many “unknown friends”: people who are ever so grateful for your wisdom and your writings. It is a blessing to be able to pray for Rhiannon. Thank you for your sharing. Know that you are appreciated here in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gratefulbear Darrell Grizzle

    My prayers and love are with you and Rhiannon and Fran.

  • http://thegreeningspirit.wordpress.com Christine Phoenix-Green

    Sending prayers…may you all receive many blessings- ..”and so may a slow Wind work these words around you..an invisible cloak to mind your life” ~John O’Donohue (Beannacht)

  • nancy

    Carl, I am sorry your family is suffering like this and do hope your daughter bounces back very soon. Hospital times are sad and stressful but often lifesaving and necessary (but not nice!)
    take care, of course you are in my prayers, Nancy

  • http://rabbittrails.info Gerhard Venter

    Carl, my daughter, who has a severe learning disability, had cerebral malaria back in 2000 in South Africa, to such an extent that the doctors gave her a 1% chance of survival. Being a Dutch Reformed Calvinist I’ve always been scared to ask God for stuff. That was the only time I REALLY prayed, it was as if I was thrown onto my knees and all I could say was: “God, I beg you for the life of my child.” The only words to my prayer. Liza is with us in Georgia today, a healthy young woman. I am shamed by my lack of faith. Thank God that God is so good.
    I’m praying for you right now — praying as well as I can.

  • Serge

    I myself have a daughter and even a slightest problem with her makes me sad, so I can imagine how painful it can be for you. I’m praying for Rhiannon.

  • Nolan ‘Gus’ Galloway

    May the Spirit of God be released in all her tissues, fluids, spaces and matter and may she be aware of the love of God for her.

  • Cathryn

    My prayers are for all of you and, of course, they are sent with much love and gratitude for your lives, for your inspirations, and for your examples of the Divine expressing through you. I am the one blessed for knowing your family. With Love and Light and Prayerful Thoughts.